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Cancel Update Stack

Cancels an update on the specified stack.

Continue Update Rollback

For a specified stack that is in the UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED state, continues rolling it back to the UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE state.

Create Change Set

Creates a list of changes for a stack.

Create Stack

Creates a stack as specified in the template.

Delete Change Set

Deletes the specified change set.

Delete Stack

Deletes a specified stack.

Describe Account Limits

Retrieves your account's AWS CloudFormation limits, such as the maximum number of stacks that you can create in your account.

Describe Change Set

Returns the inputs for the change set and a list of changes that AWS CloudFormation will make if you execute the change set.

Describe Stack Events

Returns all stack related events for a specified stack in reverse chronological order.

Describe Stack Resource

Returns a description of the specified resource in the specified stack.

Describe Stack Resources

Returns AWS resource descriptions for running and deleted stacks.

Describe Stacks

Returns the description for the specified stack; if no stack name was specified, then it returns the description for all the stacks created.

Estimate Template Cost

Returns the estimated monthly cost of a template.

Execute Change Set

Updates a stack using the input information that was provided when the specified change set was created.

Get Stack Policy

Returns the stack policy for a specified stack.

Get Template

Returns the template body for a specified stack.

Get Template Summary

Returns information about a new or existing template.

List Change Sets

Returns the ID and status of each active change set for a stack.

List Exports

Lists all exported output values in the account and region in which you call this action.

List Imports

Lists all stacks that are importing an exported output value.

List Stack Resources

Returns descriptions of all resources of the specified stack.

List Stacks

Returns the summary information for stacks whose status matches the specified StackStatusFilter.

Set Stack Policy

Sets a stack policy for a specified stack.

Signal Resource

Sends a signal to the specified resource with a success or failure status.

Update Stack

Updates a stack as specified in the template.

Validate Template

Validates a specified template.

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